Our History

The Final Key Consulting Team began our journey by working together at Magma Design Automation. This journey was joined by Microsoft when we made the decision to purchase and implement Microsoft CRM. This implementation would replace the current SalesForce CRM system. Magma Design Automation at that time was an eight-year SalesForce customer. Over a period of time this system was no longer a benefit for Magma Design Automation. The price would increase every year without a real advantage or increased functionality. We also noticed that we had more administrators managing the system than we felt should be required. Which means that the system became increasingly less user-friendly.

We migrated 700 global user from SalesForce to Microsoft CRM in four months without issue. The users were from every department in the company: Sales, Marketing, Support, Finance, Operations, Legal, and Engineering. We became the Overall Excellence Award Winner in 2011 and a runner up in five categories 2012.

Magma Overall Excellence

Microsoft developed the following materials so that new customers who are looking for a new CRM system could compare their current situation with the one at Magma.  Magma_Design_Automation_PN_Case_Study  MagmaSolutionBrief

Shortly after our time at Magma Design Automation I decided to work with Hitachi Solutions where I gathered a lot of information on the wants and needs of the CRM community. This led me to start my own CRM practice focusing on Microsoft CRM  and specific industry segments. My focus included Microsoft CRM  integration points that benefit customers and improve overall productivity, ROI, and employee satisfaction.

Final Key Consulting focuses on the full package of CRM implementation. We care about our customers and their success. We understand that making the decision to purchase, implement, and maintain a CRM system can be challenging. We are dedicated to walking you through the entire process in a very cost effective manner.

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