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If you are designing the latest and fastest chip set or software design or improving on an already existing product. Final Key Consulting understands the dilemma  you face in your day to day operations.

The Challenge:

Organizations that develop these products work hard to stay ahead of the competition. We all know that technology moves at a very fast pace and to be the first to market is always the goal. High Tech organizations are faced with the challenge of build vs fix. Each are as equally important in keeping existing customers happy as well as gather new customers. The constant challenge is to figure out which one to do first with the resources you have. Fix issues with existing products and your competitor gets to the market before you.  Develop new products and your existing customer base may start to suffer. This is the constant world that is engineering.

The Solution:

Final Key Consulting has developed a solution for you that will allow you to better understand the workload of your existing resources as well as get a better insight as to the status of the engineering world. On some occasions your customers issues have passed customer support and are sitting with engineering. Do you have the visibility you need?

With Microsoft CRM  it is time to bring these two worlds closer together and improve the overall product development and support for your organization.